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hello everyone
i am wondering if any one out there could tell me the best bang for buck hard drive about at the moment i recently broke my samsung 1tb 7200 rpm one and need a replacement.
i use an 60gb ssd for my boot drive so i only need it for my steam account witch is over 500gb and storage of movies and so on i was thinking of maby the western digital caviar green range



low noise

good price

reliable performance
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  1. its low rpm for for lots of storage for price this 1.5TB seagate barracuda green might be the way to go at $99.99

    for more speed and less space this 1TB WD black is decently priced at $129.99 after promo code EMCNGNB27

    a slightly cheaper and slightly slower but still 1TB seagate barracuda can be found for $109.99
  2. oh forgot to mention that the cheapest 500GB drive is $85 so you mays well just spend $15 more and get 3 times the storage or for another $5-10 get a fast 1TB.
  3. Western Digital Caviar Green WD10EARX 1TB $109.99

    silent, low power, never had a problem with mine, good price.
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