I5-750 - Best 3rd party cooler for it

Greetings all.

I a user of i5-750 with Intel DP55KG Mobo for a mth.(No overclock)
While I'm quite satisfied with the desktop, i realise 100% utilisation of my cpu will result in my all 4 cores of cpu exceeding 80deg.
This is a concern for me since i have a habit of running programming programs that is cpu intensive.

Running one program will result in average 65~67deg, and two will result in frequently reaching 74deg for each individual core.

I've checked with my desktop provider, though i5-750 official max temp is 72.7deg it will have no problems running consistently at 80deg. However, they do admit it will certainly shorten my cpu lifespan.
Queried them and they are willing to help me install 3rd party cooler of my choice without voiding my warranty.

Now my qn is:
1) Should I change to a 3rd party cooler since it means stock cooler will have to be separate from my cpu and the thermal grease(or paste) will have to be re-applied. I'm scared of it not applied properly.

2) What is the best i5-750 cooler/heatsink in the market that will fit into my NZXT HADES Casing?
If possible pls list best coolers/heatsink and best performance/price efficient cooler.

A million thanks to all.
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  1. 1.) Yes, frankly speaking Intel's stock coolers are pretty bad, and if you remove the stock cooler, you will have to remove the thermal paste from the CPU as well, although the desktop provider would probably be able to reapply it for you professionally - it's not really hard, a pea-sized drop of thermal paste is enough.

    2.) I'd go for the Cooler Master Hyper 212 Plus, for $34.99 from newegg.
  2. yep Cooler Master Hyper 212 Plus thats what i have on mine.

    core i5 750 @3.6 after 8 hours of prime95 core temp maxed at 65-69, and idle at 34-37

    its very good i recommend it
  3. Wow thx for the replies.
    For some reason when i google for best cooler the 1st link is also CM Hyper 212.

    Below i have qns. Pardon if my qns look very nub.
    For cooler, do u have to configure the cooler to react to different temp?(Eg autofan control)
    Or its coming with default cooling settings.

    Will it come with a software to configure its cooling(auto fan control)?

    Thx a lot.
  4. I wouldn't think so, just connect the CPU fan to the CPU fan header which should control the RPM just fine.
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    he wants some help at least point him to something instead of saying that crap.

    there is no need for cd software, you just get Cooler Master Hyper 212 Plus, you put the thermal paste on the cpu, push pins and your good to go.

    if you want to control the fan, that can be done from you bios, read the manaual that came with your motherboard and it will give you instructions on how to manualy set the fan speeds.

    btw you will have to take your motherboard out to install the Cooler Master Hyper 212 Plus keep that in mind, as for the thermal paste this might help " "

    if you get confused and dont know which one is the best just do like what i did, put a little in the middle, and i mean just a little and push the heatpip on top of it and that will do the job, u just want to create a thin layer between your cpu and the cooler.

    good luck
  6. surda said:
    he wants some help at least point him to something instead of saying that crap.

    except that is one of the parts of this forum, he could have just as easily search and found an answer then making a thread
  7. but wouldnt be better to help the guy out instead of making drama?
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