New to overclocking and need advice

Hi I will soon have my new parts delivered to my house so I can build my new computer...well upgrade the old one >.>

these are my specs that should arrive soon:

XFX Radeon HD7870 2048MB Double Dissipation

Corsair 8GB (2x4096MB) CL9 1600Mhz VENGEANCE

Corsair Hydro H70 Core

XFX Core Edition 650W 80+ Bronze

Intel Core i5 3570K 3,4Ghz (Ivy Bridge)


now what I would like to know from u guys is how high i should go ( with my cpu (I'm thinking 4.2 just as a nice first OC, which isnt too demanding))

any way I used the search function and tried reading and watching youtube vids of this but it seems everything people say is specific for just their system and it doesn't apply for everyone....I dunno if it is just me or ...well it prolly is but, as it is gonna be my first oc I'm really scared of breaking things.

Thanks in advance :D
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  1. What fans did you get for your H70?
  2. havent got any new fans for should come with a fan and I also hve my old fan from my old PC which Im using atm
  3. Ah wait I am confused with the H60 that does not come with fans... Hmm ok you could reach 4.5GHz on an H70.

    Each individual chip(even the same model behaves differently), we can only guide you to your specific best OC...

    But any K Intel chip could reach 4.2GHz so don't worry about that.

    have you ever OCd before?
  4. no this is my first ever so thats why I'm so shaky :)

    OK there is a guide, its not really for beginners, so it boils down to...

    1. Disable all power saving adn turbo boost features and pick a load calibration, 1 being very stiff and one voltage constantly, 2 being a little more relax(easier to achieve stability), i prefer level 2.
    2. Set voltage to fixed at first and drop it to 0.9v.
    3. Boot into windows and run prime 95 or similar stresstest to test for stability for atleast half an hour. This will give you an idea of how sensitive your specific CPU is to voltage change.
    4. Increase your voltage to 1.2v and multiplyer to 4.2GHz. Test thoroughly for an hour. Keep a close eye on temps with real temp or HWmonitor.
  6. If you have stability, either push the multiplyer some more or start dropping voltages by 0.05 until you lose stability, then up it one nothc again and test for 6hours, and VIOLA you have your OC. If you dont have stability at 1.2v, then increase voltage by 0.05v and try again until you get stability.
  7. thanks man, I really appreciate this info you gave me...gonna write again if there is confusion :D
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