800$ Budget Computer Build Help me out

Hello guys i am new to forum and new into building a gaming computer i did about 3 months of research and believe it or not i am lost. I saved up 800$ of my money to build a good gaming computer that will run most games on high and upcoming games, SC2, WOW, War hammer, Crysis, etc on high or Good enough res to enjoy the game with out any lag. :o

since you can tell i have nothing and i never build one before i do not need a mouse, keyboard
BUTTTTTT!! i dont use a monitor i am using a TV as my Monitor is a 42inch VIZIO 1080p and i am using my ps3 on it aswell so i dont know the resolution, i dont care either AMD or Intel But i care about the best one for my budget, and performance. :bounce:

thank you very much :hello:
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  1. all i can tell u is get a really nice videocard i mean a 200-250 dollar video card
  2. You should fill out Form in sticky. Link in my sig.

    Here's a sample build

    Full Build

    Ahtlon II x3 and Antec 650 $150

    Ripjaw DD3 1600 7-8-7-24 (better timings than one you linked at same price) and 5850 $410

    The spinpoint F3 you linked is $70 with the promo code.

    LG $20

    The GA-UD4 and Haf 922 $195 w/ $15 MIR

    Total $844 before $15 MIR and shipping
  3. do you need an operating system, if you do that could add $100+ to your build
  4. You can do O.K for 800, but you won't exactly be... Impressed..

    If you're hell bent on spending 800, maybe read through this:

    Maybe try and go off this? But wardy22 is right, you need an OS, and the cheapest* is Windows 7 Home Premium OEM.
    *Linux is free... But don't push it :P
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