Please help asap, can't shut down/restart/open barely anything!

Hey guys, I just recently started having a problem with my computer
Windows XP professional 64 bit
I can't open any programs, in the task manager it shows them having 700kb memory usage, for EVERYTHING i try opening
It won't allow me to restart my computer, and it won't even let me shut down the computer.
I need help asap, please guys. The only programs working right now are internet explorer 64 bit (not sure why) and some programs that open on start up (like avast! etc)
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  1. Sorry about the double post guys, the first one said that it didn't post and there was a flood or something? :(
  2. Probably your PC is infected with virus, malware, spyware, rootkit etc..If you have a friend who has another PC you can back up your files by taking off your HDD and hooking up to another PC and copy all the necessary files you need. Then Rein istall your HDD to your PC and fresh install your OS(WIN XP) and buy a new anti virus like Norton 360 or MacCafe.
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