Temp 3 on speed fan at 100-120C

If I posted this in the wrong place I apologize. What the heck is temp 3 and why is it at 100-120C and why have I seen so many with the same question and none of us can find the answer very easy on here?

Black edition Phenom II Quadcore w/Corsair H50 liquid cooler
MB:MSI K9N2 Diamond
GPU:Nvidia geforce fermi 480 sc
Ram:Crucial x2 2gb sticks 1066MHZ (4 gigs)
Case:Coolermaster HAF 932 fullsize (I LOVE IT)
Powersupply:Kingwin 800watt modular
OS:Windows 7 64bit home basic

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  1. Well it could be a glitch. I'd download Real Temp to make sure they're not CPU temperatures, which I'm pretty sure they aren't, then I'd download GPU-Z to see if they are GPU temperatures (could be possible, those GTX 480s run hot), doubt it's the RAM, although it could be the NB, although I kinda doubt that. Download HW Monitor and compare temps using that as well.
  2. It was running hot way before the 480 and what do you mean by and its not GPU because that is listed as a separate lower temp. The NB is a possibility, i think i'll try and disable it if i can in the bios if thats thesable and possible.
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