Help me get my overclock back. Help an idiot.

Last year I got myself a nice pc from chillblast. Last weekend had few problems which resulted in a bios reset and as a result of which i have lost the overclock settings they had set up for me

When i got it it was an Intel i5 2500k CPU @ 3.30ghz overclocked to 4.6ghz
Now it's back to just stock standard speeds

Now the motherboard is an asus p8z68-v le running the most up to date bios

Can anyone help and advise me pop in the correct settings

Realise regards unstability but if can get them as they where things where fine.
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  1. Go into BIOS turn up the Multiplier to 46
    Go into power or voltage options and raise you cpu vcore to 1.25-1.30v, sorry but every chip is different so you will need to test stability
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