Linksys wrt54gs firewall log?

Great site, lots of info resides here, thanks. My question is, I changed my router recently to a Linksys wrt54gs. After fussing with it for an afternoon with no joy, I flashed new firmware on it, Firmware Version: v1.52.7 .It was originally version 5 software. It works great, faster than my old TP-LINK. The only problem I can't overcome is the firewall logs outbound traffic, but has nothing on the inbound log. To me this is more important than outbound due to viewing intrusion attempts. I mostly use wireless for multiple machines, xp pro and linux with WPA enabled, with firewalls enabled on each machine.Is this a side effect of the new firmware? Thanks again for a great site!
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  1. Ok, let's try something different, could someone point me to older firmware? I really don't care to flash Linux. Thanks.
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