Where on a i7 3770k cores 0-3 as in what area of the chip?

As the title says really.

Where about on the chip are cores 0 - 3? for example is core 0 on the top left of the chip?

I need to know because I am getting unusually high temps on certain cores and I am wondering if it could be not enough/to much thermal paste on certain areas or possibly bad mounting of my h100?
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  1. Post your temp diffs on your CPU.

    Is the diffs under full load on ALL cores or only when using the PC normally?

    Even if you knew where each core is physically, how would you check the thermal paste on that area without compromising the thermal paste anyway?
  2. I believe they are top to bottom in the center or something similar as you can actually see the actual die in a picture of the 3770k delidded if you're ever on Overclock.net As in locations? It's hard to tell to be honest. But one thing I have learned of is that the IB chips heat spreaders aren't nearly as well mounted as the SB chips were which can make things like that happen. Also if you're only using one of the cores it will be hotter than the rest so the core with the most use is going to be hotter than the others while it shouldn't be by much; it will happen.
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