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Hey so this is my question. My Dell XPS M1530 laptop started acting all wonky and randomly shut down out of no where. So I did a little research and found out the graphics card in this model was faulty and they were doing a free recall and extending waranty on these for an extra 12 months. So i sent it in and got it back to find out from the service report that they " replaced the system board" which i take is the mother board, but there is nothing checked beside changed graphics card. So i called dell and they told me that all laptop graphics cards are integrated, so that if the mother board was replaced then the graphics gard was also replaced.

Now I have only really worked inside of DESKTOP computers so to me integrated cards are integrated on the mother board and better than integrated cards are added afterwards. Is this not the case with laptops ? I have a NVIDIA GEFORCE 8600 M GT installed in the laptop, which is not the ones called "Integrated blahblah or Accelerator Blahblah" its a realy graphics card. But is it true to replace a graphics card in a laptop you need to replace the whole motherboard ? and vice versa (replacing the mother board replaces the graphics card)

I really need some help understanding this, because if it doesn't mean a new graphics card I will be calling them and demanding that because the graphics card is what caused all the faults in the first place.

Thanks for the help in advanced !! sorry about all the rambling lol
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  1. What the person on the phone told you is true. Integrated chipsets must be replaced with the motherboard, because they are soldered into the board. In terms of economic soundness, its both faster, and therefore cheaper to replace the board than to replace a chip.

    Since you have experience with desktop systems, you can appreciate that integrated graphics accelerators are a real thing. The recall you spoke of can address the integrated graphics accelerator, while not even touching the add-on graphics card, save for removing it's physical connection from the motherboard and reinstallting it to the new mobo.

    I would recommend you call anyway, just so that you have it documented on their end, and if you want to you can record your conversation too, but you have to inform them you're doing it for it to be of any use to later on (if need be). Clear up your confusion with their report vs their recall. You can really only get the closure you seek by settling the confusion with Dell.
  2. ^+1 Integrated indeed means its ON the motherboard. And i'm saying this from my personal experience:

    Alot of laptops have "Dedicated" integrated video cards. They have the video cards built-in (say a 9500M GS) that is actually on the motherboard itself. Then you have your laptops that actually have a physical dedicated video card (especially with those in SLi).

    And in your case, it seems you have an Integrated "dedicated" video card. It would be smart to call (like T_T said) just to make sure of this matter.
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