Bios beeps i cant resolve

I went to boot my desktop up that i made and than the computer made one long beep than two shorter beeps and my screen didn't get a signal from my computer. i looked up what this would be and it said that the video was the problem so i took out my video card and tried to boot again to make sure that, that was the problem. it did the same thing again one long beep than two shorter beeps. so i took out all the parts and tested them one by one on a computer that i know works same thing for all the parts ram, hd, optical drive and gpu. than i put the original parts back in and guess what that computer now wont start up either same beep sequence and the whole nine yards. i cant track down the problem can you guys think of anything.
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  1. Does your motherboard have onboard video?
  2. Yes the origanal and the motherboard I tested on have onboard video and thank you for responding
  3. I wonder if that onboard is bad, and the BIOS won't let you past because of that.
  4. Maybe that could make sense but what would of cased the breakdown of the moatherboard I tested on. And the only other motherboard I have is one for intel but I don't have any intel cpu's
  5. anyone else have a anything
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