Will motherboard fit case?

On the Computer case description is says:


External Drive Bays:
4 x 5.25" and 1 x 3.5"
Internal Drive Bays:
5 x 3.5" H.D.
System Board:
ATX Form Factor 12" x 10.5" or smaller
Expansion slots:
Standard ATX 7 slots
SECC Steel
19.5 x 8 x 16.5 IN (LxWxH)
49.5 x 20.5 x 42 CM (LxWxH)

On the motherboard description the motherboard is described as "Micro-ATX,244mm x 244mm"

All your answers are really appreciated on my first build. And thank you in advance fellow Tom's Hardware'ers'
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  1. yes, it will fit in the case... Micro ATX is Smaller than ATX.
    Most Good Case companies will build in support for Micro ATX MOBOS so you are good to go

    Good luck
    Keep us updated:D
  2. ATX AFAIK is a backwards compatible format. I.e., Extended ATX supporting cases will support Extended ATX, ATX and µATX form factor motherboards, and ATX cases will support ATX and µATX motherboards.
  3. The answer to your question is yes. Normally a micro-atx motherboard can be installed in an atx pc case. The atx motherboard trays have additional holes for installing micro-atx motherboards which are smaller than atx motherboards. It would be very very unusual for an atx case not to accomodate a micro-atx motherboard.
  4. yes it should fit. what case is this?
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