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I want to know if any harm can come to my ram due to messing around with the timing to much? I am currently running my Kingston hyper x (KHX1600C9D3K2) 8gb (4x2gb) at 8-9-8-22 timing. Lowering any other setting other then the last one causes my system to bsod and this last setting seems to be stable (passed memtest 1ce without errors) so before lowering the tras timing down a bit more I wanted to ask can I do some harm by doing it? I kinda plan to map the lowest I can go and still boot up my system before trying to fully check the stability.

Also what are these other timings:

(pic taken before inserting extra stick :whistle:)

I tried looking at the manufacturers website to no avail. Only found the trfc to be min of 160 ns however it ran fine on 110 (that was given to me auto by my motherboard).

So if any 1 could explain those timings and if I could do some harm to the ram by lowering them I'd be really grateful.
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  1. shouldn't hurt anything, Most it would do it BSOD, shouldn't hurt the ram as all. To me it not worth OCing the ram, This ram I currently have don't like to be messed with, hell it don't even run well at its stock volts, but lowering the volts make it stable, strange.
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