GeForce 9600 GSO vs gt 220 1024

i rma my 4850 so as a temp card i got an gt 220 1024 ddr2 is seems to run left 4 dead 2 fine but has started to slow down so i am thing the cheap card is just defective, i found a TurboCache GeForce 9600 GSO 512MB i am thinking of picking up but it has the same amount of Stream Processors 48 and so dose the gt 220 so there would be no difference :fou:
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  1. The GPU's are different 40nm on the 220 and 65nm on the GSO, that's all.
  2. so how much faster is the gso over the gt 220
  3. It's not going to be any faster if it's stripped down one, if you can find a 9600GSO-96SP that would be better or a GT240 or an original 9600GT.
  4. Yeah, there are multiple versions of the 9600 GSO and they can vary widely in performance. There's 48/96 SP, 256/384/512/768mb, 128/192/256 bit bus and DDR2/DDR3 and now apparently there's "turbocache" versions that use system ram as well as dedicated. Is that 512mb of real ram or 512mb with the "turbocache"? Is it DDR2 or DDR3? What is the bus size?
    Or just ignore all that and skip it. Get an HD4670 or 9600GT instead. Or if you can afford $100 an HD4850 is a lot better than any of those.
  5. I'd be wondering why its "slowing down". Cards shouldn't do that. Seeing as its a temp card, keep using the GT220. You might want to check your system to make sure everything is running correctly.
  6. there are no 9600GSO-96SP they have not been in years how about an 9600gt would there be a diff or not
  7. peter2004 said:
    there are no 9600GSO-96SP they have not been in years

    That's true at all. They've been pretty consistently on newegg up until about a month or two ago and google shows plenty on sale other places.
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