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XSPC rs360

I was wondering if this kit could cool a
<Hydro copper 680
< i7 3770k
without having heat problems.

This is my first time trying to do a water cooling build.

I have a NZXT Switch 810.
Im only using 1 drive bay for my Dvd burner, so i could possible take out a couple of bays.

If the kit isnt enough, i was wondering if i could just buy pieces separate ( I have 0 clue on how to do that alone), like a 240 for the cpu and 120 for the gpu??

So confused.

Thanks for the help guys (: . :hello: :love: :love: :D :D :pfff: :( :p :bounce: :bounce: :)
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  1. First off I'll direct you to the watercooling sticky up top, this will help you answer that yourself,
    But as an Xspc owner I can tell you that the Rs should not be your choice, the RX are the best rads they currently have and if you don't want to make room for that (modding is often involved in w/c)
    Then the EX series are next best but slimmer,
  2. I've read the sticky, i receive much info tho tbh. I like asking personal questions.

    And wow i just noticed there was rs and rx, blue leds to match my setup aswell :D, but since i am an extra noob, i cant really see the difference.
  3. o wow, the price difference is huge
  4. The Rx is about twice the thickness of the Rs and Ex, this means it cools better and at lower fanspeeds,
    Check out skinneelabs reviews on the rads to compare performance,
    I normally run two Ex360's and an Rx240 on my loop but am currently playing with a waterchiller and the Rx, and performance is much improved, so I may even take the Ex's out altogether
    But in w/c, you very much get what you pay for
  5. I know ill be adding more rads in the future tho, its not like im running metro 2033 24/7 ill be fine with the temps for now, but do u think my kit can cool a cpu and hydro copper as well?
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    It will be fine as long as you don't want to overclock massively yes
  7. awesome :D
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