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Help with understanding Vccio/vccsa in bios

Last response: in Overclocking
December 21, 2012 12:35:04 AM

hi ive just got into overclocking both my gpu and cpu and im just wondering can anyone tell me if using intel virtualization tech with the 2600k is a good idea for OCing.

i understand the basics of overclocking and have got my 2600k stable at 4.5Ghz but i want to go higher maybe 4.8Ghz so which settings would i need to get to this stage with my CPu because im not sure how much i should play with the vccsa/vccio settings thanks in advance for replys oh heres my system info

2600k intel CPu

4gig Kingston ram

1100w cyberpower Psu Brand is from the company who made my pc (could be bad i know)

Water cooling kit also cyberpower

system temps CPu cores around 60 load

bios voltages

Vcore 1.40 dram 1.5


vccio 1.1

December 21, 2012 12:43:03 AM

memadmax said:
This is a beginners guide, but it has lots of useful info for more advanced stuff, and maybe stuff you don't know lol.

thanks for the fast reply and that page is bookmarked but id still like someone to answer personally the do's/dont's of useing vccio/vccsa when and why i should use these 2 settings thanks for the site tho