Which Mobo for new I7 920 build?

Guys, Im building a new system soon and Im looking at these Mobos. I dont know which one to get. I was leaning towards the ASRocks because of its good tech reviews and value, but lately Im seeing more negative reviews on NewEgg and in some forums. I have always built with MSI boards and have not had a single problem. Im looking to game and do general everyday stuff. I dont know what Im doing when it comes to overclocking so, I dont plan to do that either.

Any help is appreciated.

ASRocks X58 Extreme

Gigabyte X58

MSI X58 Pro-E

I need to stay under $200. Below is the rest of my system.

Intel I7 920 Cpu with stock cooler
Antec Nine Hundred Case
Antec True Power 750 W PS
XFX Radeon 5850 Video Card
Lite ON DVD Burner
GSkill PI Series DDR3 6gb SDRamm 1600
Western Digital Sata 500 GB HD

Any help is appreciated. Thanks
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  1. I'd get the Gigabyte board. It's definitely the highest quality, and doesn't include features that won't actually do anything (such as PCIe 2.0 slots at 4x).
  2. Do you already have the i7 920? If not, another option could be to get this CPU + motherboard combo. $503.98 (Intel i7 930 + ASUS P6T combo)
  3. I do have the 920 already, got it for $200 at MicroCenter. Cant beat that price and again, my budget for the Mobo is only $200 or less.
  4. Too bad you cant spend 210 on your Mobo then you could get the USB3 and Sata 6 board.

    I like the Gigabyte one the best of the 3 as well.
  5. Who makes that board?
  6. Gigabyte. It's the GA-X58A-UD3R.
  7. MadAdmiral said:
    Gigabyte. It's the GA-X58A-UD3R.

    That is the one I would have suggested as well but he said under 200....
  8. I assumed he asked about the $210 board you mentioned. And I would have suggested it too...
  9. Thats the one I am gonna buy. $10 over budget, but seems worth it
  10. Best answer
    - yep as they said above spend the extra $10 and get this board.
    Its the same one I have just gone with using the i7 920 chip as well - much better to future proof yourself with the USB 3.0 and Sata rates
  11. I agree get the x58a-ud3r, it will be worth it in the long run.

    Ive got a gigabyte board (x58a-ud5 with the i7 920) and am very pleased with it, was considering the asus but now im feeling lucky in my choice.
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