Gigiabyte GA-M57SLI-S4 rev.2.0 problem

I wanted to know if these problems would consider a mobo problem. I in the last few months have had to reinstall windows because the computer forgets how to boot, also have had Config.dll files missing as well as other .dll files. I had one point where the computer would not start and ended up removing the ram which then it worked and i ended up putting the ram back and the computer ran good for a month. Now i have a problem with the integrated ethernet it will not work it just happen one day where i shut it off at night the next morning i started the computer and no internet. I am using a realtek ethernet card for the time being to see what i need to do to correct these problems. Be aware most of the time the computer had problems it was freshly reformatted so not much on it.
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  1. Ram issue, Ethernet Issue and Drive Issue. All these issues point to the motherboard if it is not the individual items. Bad ram or hdd could have been the OS issue.
  2. ^ Could be bad HD. If you also consider that fact that your 'config.dll' goes missing and the ethernet goes on the flux (OS going blah?).

    However the integrated internet and the RAM going on the fritz...hmm. Well if you consider that maybe the SATA (or PATA) port is also wrong? In which case the board might need an RMA =P.

    Have you tried using another SATA port? And what are the rest of your specs?
  3. Just got back my email from gigabyte its the motherboard, never thought they would honor it after so much time but it has a 3 yr warranty its going to them monday.
  4. Awesome, let us know how that turn out :)
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