Which is better?

which do you prefer>>>ram with high frequency low latency OR high latency low frequency?
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  1. Well, basically with the prices of RAM right now:

    Capacity > Frequency/Latency

    It's not worth nit picking over Frequency and Latency when you can just get another stick for 15 bucks. Plus, the difference is negligible anyways.
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    Anything beyond the 1600/1866mhz range isn't really going to effect the real world performance of things. But the difference between 11-11-11-28 and 9-9-9-24 can be. So I like decent timings. at a decent frequency. But the choice is ultimately yours. The happy medium these days is the 9-9-9-24@1600mhz however and those kits are pretty decently priced.
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