P4p800 deluxe work with KHX3200K2/2G

are these two compatible togethor? i have the most recent motherboard bios update but currently my gig sticks are only showing up as 512 even when there the only two in system tried in all slot combanations always the same. if they do work do i need to do a special setting in bios?
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  1. They should be working on your board. How much RAM does windows show? How much does CPU-Z show?
  2. IN memtest 86 it only shows half of the ram it should and in post , bios , and withen windows 7 too. It fully passed memtest but still only registered as half .right now i have 2 512m stick in it as well until the other 2 identical 1gig sticks arrive.I did try only using the identical 1 gig stick alone for the short time and still only registered as 512m each. I will get cpu-z and test it right now brb.
  3. I ran cpuiz with only the kingston hyperx 3200 400mhz dual channel in the 2 blue (main slots as manuel asks and it only registered as 1 gig instead of 2 then it crashed cause win 7 needs more ram lol so i had to put the 2 512 sticks back in to have enough to post here. Please help ive tried everything i can think of. btw everything but ram seems to register fine in cpuiz
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