GTS 450 problem

why is it my GTS 450 has no video output? what is the possble problem for that?
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  1. Are you saying you are getting no display from the monitor? Check to see if the power connector (PCI-E connector) is plugged in the video card and is seated in the PCI-E slot. Lastly, check the bios if you haven't set the default video to be integrated, I did that once and my PCI-E card wasn't being picked up. Set it to auto.
  2. i already check them all but still no video output.. there is a video if i will use the onboard gpu
  3. Try plugging the card in another computer, if you had made sure the bios is set to default for video, PCI-E connector is inserted and the card itself it plugged into the slot then I see no reason why it shouldn't work. Card may be done for....

    State your power supply, just want to make sure it can provide enough amps for that video card.
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