Controllers? scsi?

I have acquired a procom tech. netforce 4200c and i have no idea how to install a scsi drive? and or ide in this machine. I want to basically just install redhat I'm just learning if this box blows up im still in the good i got them free.

so how do I "Install" a scsi or even power it?
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  1. You have one of these ?

    These are corporate class storage units and the size of a fridge. Getting one of these puppies up and running will require some hardcore networking and configuration, beyond the scope of this forum (possibly ...)
  2. Yes! i have only the heads, i didn't get my hands on the 32tb of drives in time. I found my issue though I'm missing the pci-x scsi raid controller card and they aren't cheap for the type of hdds i have. its like $125-$250 for the one i need and varies in condition the cheaper one of the 5 I'm considering in in bad condition but the newer is from a HP server which i have no idea how to run.
  3. ok i now have a hp 5300 smart card i put ubuntu on it to just see if it works i get boot and a server gui but after that i now need a gui that is a bit more down my field any ideas ?
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