Best graphic card for my pc HP a6310

I need some help with upgrading my pc. I want to buy a graphic card and do not now which one to buy. I'm thinking about the HD4670 or the GF9800GT. Could you give me advise on which of those two graphic cards fit and is the best for my pc without upgrading my power supply (do not now how much it is, but saw in another thread an HP with same motherboard with 350 Watt). Thank you in advance.

My pc specs:
Base processor
Pentium E2200 (C) 2.2 GHz (65W)
• 800 MHz front side bus
• Socket 775
Intel G33 Express
• Manufacturer: Asus
• Motherboard Name: IPIBL-LB
• HP/Compaq motherboard name: Benicia-GL8E
2 GB
240 pin,DDR2 SDRAM
Video Graphics
ATI Radeon HD2350
• 64 MB DDR memory
• I/O Ports: DVI-I, S-Video
Expension slots
• One PCI
• One PCI express x16 (now the radeon grafics card)
• One PCI express x1
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  1. 9800GT is way better than HD4670. about your power supply spec you can check it yourself. open the side panel and look for the spec on the PSU
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