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Hello Everyone,

I am looking to setup a software RAID1 setup on a Windows 7 PC. I have at the moment one 250GB 2.5" USB 2.0 External HDD that I keep my files on. I am planning on purchasing another identical drive and using Windows7 to set up the software RAID1. I have a question or two to ask.

1. The HDD is currently in use. How would I add another identical HDD and bundle them without affecting the files already on it? Would I need to remove the files from the drive, format it, bundle the HDD's, and then copy the files back?

2. The HDD that is in use is a mobile drive and is moved from computer to computer throughout the day. Will I still be able to remove the HDD and move it from computer to computer, adding and removing files, and have it sync once it is connected to the computer where I setup the RAID1?

I thank in advance whomever may be of assistance. - Tony
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    Yes you should be able to move the drive to another machine; HOWEVER you will need to make sure you have proper drivers for that machines hardware and you could potentially have SID issues. I would see if you can run a sysprep on the drive if you intend to have both operation at the same time on the same network to avoid problems. Obviously you will also need to make sure you have the proper licenses for both copies.
  2. Regarding the drivers: The external drive that I use on 3 computers at the moment is already working on each computer. I am planning on being able to continue to use this external drive in this manner.

    I am not sure by what you mean both operations at the same time on the same network. One HDD, the new one I am planning on purchasing will be permanently connected via USB to a PC. Regardless of the PC being on a network. And this drive would be connected at the same time as the original "primary" drive that will be disconnected at times and reconnected with expectations of syncing up.

    I am not sure what you mean by licenses for both copies. What licenses? I have two HDD that I need my docs and spreadsheet files to be copied to so they can mirror each other. Please explain what you mean.

    Thank you,
  3. Those two questions only apply if the RAID 1 volume contains the OS and would be bootable. As soon as you move the drive to another machine the mirror will break and it will copy everything from scatch when it's re-mirrored. I don't think mirroring is a good option if you are trying to be able to move hte drive from 1 machine t the other repeatedly
  4. Sorry but I said that it was an external USB drive that I move from computer to computer. Obviously it does not have an OS on it and is not bootable.

    But I think I found a solution here. I cannot setup a RAID array because it would prevent me from being able to remove the drive, edit the files using another computer and then bring the drive back into the RAID array. I need a syncing solution that can automatically detect changed files and sync them on command.

    I found a tiny little program called SyncToy which seems to do the trick. I tested it in a smaller level and it seems to work just fine. Once I bring the HDD back to the primary computer, I open the program, it scans both folders that I have synces for any changes, on either side, and syncs the files.
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