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I have an MSI K9A2 Mobo. I want to upgrade my processor to a an AMD Phenom X4 965, which requires an AM3 socket. Will this processor work in my Mobo? Are there any special mods required (i.e. bios revision)?
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  1. Your motherboard will not support Athlon II or Phenom II's you will have to upgrade the motherboard. There are no special mods to make them work.
  2. What kind of K9A2? K9A2GM V2, K9A2VM-F V2, K9A2VM-FIH, K9A2 CF, K9A2 Neo-F, K9A2 Platinum?

    Some of them are good for that CPU, some not.
  3. It is a K9A2 Platinum.
  4. You are in luck the Platinum can actully run Phenom IIs with a bios update.
  5. I have a K9A2 CF-F V2 MSI will that board support AM3 or is it just AM2+?
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