Rig won;t boot

Hi guys..

Today i restarted my p.c after updating the windows 7 ultimate 64 bit.. but after i restarted it, suddenly the screen went black and this was displayed:

"JLPRF us compressed
Press ctrl+alt+delete to restart"

i followed the command, and every time i did, the p.c restarted and the same message was displayed... i even check the cables,ram and other connection but every thing was fine.. I tried installing the windows again using the DVD, but no use.. The same message was displayed over and over again every time i restarted the rig.. (I never altered any bios setting)

Kindly help me out to sort this problem..

[p.s: system specs:
dh61ww mobo
8gb ram]

Thank u :(
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  1. I'd honestly toss the DVD in there and try the Windows repair option. The closest error I see to that is compressed boot manager. Which basically means it can't boot because there's a read error (because of the compression) when trying to access the boot partition. If you compressed your drive it "could" happen. I'd try the repair and see if it fixes the boot manager.
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