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hello every one
my name is jeswin , i do have a sound card Creative Sound Blaster Audigy 2 and i want to coonect my tv sound to my computer , i can see there is L & R aux in , in my sound card is it possible.....
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  1. The auxiliary input is meant for a specific voltage level such as you might find on headphone outputs. I'm not certain about the TV. Even if you had something like an RCA->3.5mm adapter the voltage might be wrong.

    The second issue is what you want to do with the sound. I'm not certain but I think the input on this and most (all?) audio cards is meant for recording, not for playback.

    I see no reason to record audio from a TV but not video so I'm assuming it's for playback. If that's the cause (and the voltage levels were okay) then you'd be better off getting a splitter and putting the sound directly into your speakers.

    I doubt any of that's really going to work.

    While I don't quite get the point of what you're doing, my only suggestion would be to get a Receiver but that gets expensive.

    Tuner cards are another option, but you'd be much better off getting a recorder from your TV provider. My satellite box wasn't the top model and has no internal hard drive but I can add my own via USB.
  2. hi mate ,
    it just i want my tv sound through the computer , and i saw audio out in my tv and there is a aux in my sound card so i just want to comfir that can i connect my tv audio out to my computer so that i can have a good sound through my computer....

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