PMP-450S 24V Step-Up

I am currently using a Koolance PMP-450S (D5) pump in my system.

The PMP450S has no RPM adjustment.

My water cooling loop is as follows: PMP450S>BitsPower RAM block>CPU>480mm>VGA + VGA (parallel config)>240mm>Reservoir. (All blocks are Koolance minus RAM)

I am getting good temps right now (Delta: CPU +25°C / VGA +15°C) but I want to see if I can eek out a little more of course.

Would it be worth it to get one of these:

So I guess my question is would I see any temperature gains from running my pump at 24V @ 22.3LPM rather than 12V @ 17.4LPM?

Thanks in advance.

Here is a pic of my loop as of now.

" class="img lazy">
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  1. How about removing the RAM block from the loop?
  2. ^ yeah that'd be good idea I wouldn't shell out on that koolance product.
  3. I missed the ramblock in the gallery shot,
    and how are you measuring Delta?
    You seem to be taking core temps above ambient as the measure to me?
    cpu 25'c above ambient, Gpu 15'c above?
    your Delta is the difference between ambient and your water temperature and in a normal loop won't be more than 1-2'c different anywhere in the loop, if you have a 10'C difference in different parts of your loop I think theres a problem :)
    just checking is all
  4. Koolance makes some good gear but not everything they make is the best, although their advertising and website would try to convince you otherwise.
  5. ^ yeah like their rads/kits heat dissipation. I'd buy koolance stuff, just not that pump controller. I'd go ahead and remove the ram blocks restriction (as Rubix stated) and see how my loop fairs.
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