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Need help with Router/Switch incompatibility

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January 24, 2010 5:26:26 PM


First, thanks for taking time to read this and, hopefully, offer suggestions. This will be long, but I hope it is thorough enough to provide sufficient information.

My setup: (Time Warner Cable Modem)-->(D-Link DGL4100 Router)-->(D-Link DGS1024G Switch)

Some background: The DGL4100 Router has been installed for about 3 weeks. It replaced a Linksys BEFSX41 Router which stopped working. (The BESFX41 would drop connections and/or connect extremely slowly. Reminded me of an old 2400 baud telephone modem! However, later in the day, it would work well. When I placed the BEFSX41 directly on top of a 100 watt lightbulb, presto, it would work. That led me to believe it was a hardware failure (bad solder joint?). Therefore, I purchased the DGL4100 Router.

I have Cat6 ethernet cables connecting 4 computers(1 Vista, 3 XP), a network printer, a Linksys WAP200 wireless access point, a Wii, and an Xbox360. I may be forgetting something :)  . Several items have gigabit adapters, hence the speed of the switch, gigabit speed.

When I installed the D-Link router, my home network ran beautifully once again. Suddenly, last week, after 3 weeks of problem-free operation, everything stopped working. In fact, I could no longer even access the router. The LAN was down, the internet was down. If hooked directly into the router, I could NOT access the router (default address of, nor via the address I'd assigned

After several reboots, factory resets, wiring changes, and other frustrations, I was finally able to gain limited functionality.

If I plug one of my computers directly into the router, bypassing the switch, I am able to access the router and the internet. I now have 2 computers plugged into the router. They both have internet connectivity. Connecting the router to the switch does not work.

During my troubleshooting, I had connected the router to an old 8 port switch. The computers did NOT see each other or the internet, but the XBOX 360 worked online just fine. These were all connected to the switch.

So, hardware-wise, I am convinced the cable modem is working. I am convinced the router is working. I suspected the DGS1024G switch, but the old switch (which was replaced only due to a shortage of ports) also did not work. Hence, I do not think the DGS1024G switch has failed.

I think I have some sort of configuration issue which is causing the router to switch connection to be inoperable. I have swapped cables to no avail. I have tried different ports, on both router and switch, to no avail.

I run a network manager software, Cisco's Network Magic, to manage my connections.

Can anyone help me out? Why did my LAN crash? How do I diagnose it? Most importantly, how can I get it running again!?

Thank you

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January 25, 2010 8:04:47 PM

Your router has a 4 port switch built in. Try connecting 4 devices directly into that switch and see if all 4 get the internet.

Can your other devices ping the router when connected to the switch even if they can't connect to the internet(you may have to manually assign your IPs for this if you're not getting an IP from the router)?
January 29, 2010 12:49:13 PM

Thanks for the response.

I plugged 2 computers into the router (disconnecting the switch) and they both worked. Later, after various reboots, replugs, etc., etc., everything started working normally. I have NO idea what wasn't working or why. Now, it's all magically up to speed. The switch works, the router works; my LAN is running at gigabit speeds, the internet is snapping along.

This is why I hate networking! It worked. It stopped. Now it works. Grr.

March 29, 2011 12:41:30 AM

I also have the dgl-4100 router and until I had TWC come to my home and install Viop. Doing so they took the voip/cable modem I was using before and replace it with a Cisco cable modem (they did this because I needed the internet to remain where it was and the phones needed to be elsewhere in the house) I was up an running for almost a year without ever having to reboot the router or modem. Since then the Cisco modem has croaked completely and I now I have this Ambit modem that need to be reboot every 2-4 hours. Seem that as long as I do not use internet at all the connection stays until I start downloading anything that take more than 1hour. I looked up the modem on line ans am wondering if this line in the modem log might have anything to do with this modems instability?

Map Reject - Downstream Traffic Flow Not Mapped to BPI+ SAID ...

There is more to the message unfortunately I am unable to expand the message to see entire txt.