I have the MB ASUS P5K SE/EPU. I guess it's from feb. 2008. As far as I know the grafic slot/socket is a PCIExpressx16 or PCIExpress_1 (Whatever the diff. is) . I now use this graficcard: Asus GF 8600 GT / 256 mb. My processor is Intel Dual Core 2 E8440 3 GHz. Win7Pro

I'm looking for a faster graficcard and bougt Asus Redeon EAH5870. But i did'nt funk. It just made a terrible noice, and I had to uninstall again and return it to the dealer. As you might imagine. I was prepared to pay for the best, but are overall satisfied with my computer.

Now - my question is: Which Grafic Card am I supposed to buy - to put up the speed of grafics, - and at the same time be sure that the card fits my MB?

BR Mogens Wind
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  1. Assuming this is your motherboard, the top (black) expansion slot is your PCI-Express x16 slot (PCI-Ex16). The three small white slots are your PCI-Express x1 (PCI-Ex1) slots. The two larger white slots are your legacy PCI (not compatible with PCI-E) slots.

    If the "terrible noise" you heard was a loud screech, it's probably because you did not connect the required power connectors to the graphics card before turning it on. The HD5870 should work just fine in your system (assuming your power supply will support it).

    I am wondering though. What do you mean by, "But i did'nt funk"?

    -Wolf sends
  2. You'r right - this i my Mboard. Thanks, I got weiser about the slots. I had connected the power before turning the computer on. Regarding "did'nt funk" it is probably my danish lang. In danish "function" is similar to "funktion" and I mean that my Gcard "malfunktioned".
    Never the less - I've returned the Asus Radeon EAH5870, and is looking for another "more secure" card. Thanks for your reply. BG Mogens Wind
  3. Ok. Thanks for the info. Next step would actually to be to list your power supply specifications: Total watts available and amps on the +12v rail (or rails if more than one). There should be a sticker on the power supply that lists +3.3v, +5v, and +12v

    -Wolf sends
  4. With the Gcard followed one cable: square in one end fitting the Gcar and splitted in two cables with flat plugs fitting the cables from the powersupply. Plugs labled Fan. Power supply is North Q 4100, total 500 w, +12 v = 226 w. And Thanks. BR Mogens
  5. + 12 v = 336w. And Thanks. BR Mogens Sorry.
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    Well, that should be more than enough power for the graphics card. Unfortunately, the only NorthQ-4100 power supply I'm able to find on the internet seems to be a modular power supply with specific PCI-E power connectors. Unfortunately, the site appears to be in German:,testberichte-1353-20.html

    If this is your power supply, the it should have come with cables with blue connectors that plug into the blue power supply ports and your graphics card. For reference, the "square" connector is a 6-pin PCI-E connector. The "flat plugs" are your 4-pin molex connectors.

    I'm still thinking that the graphics card you had would have worked, but it just didn't get enough power from the molex connectors you used. Regardless, it probably wouldn't hurt too much to drop down to an HD5770 if you can't get the HD5870 back.

    -Wolf sends
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  8. Thanks for your help. I'll consider th HD 5770. Br Mogens Wind
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