How to connect a old SATA HDD ?

Hi, since i got a new computer i'm thinking to combine my new HDD (500GB) with my old HDD (160GB) which is about 3-4 years old. When there was IDE it had this master and slave thing but in SATA i'ts not like that. How can i boot my new HDD OS without letting it boot my Old HDD OS. I need to get all those volumes in the Old HDD as one volume and also format it including the system reserved thingy.

Please help ? My mobo is Intel DH55HC. I have all the power connectors and an old SATA connector as well.

Thank you in Advance :D
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  1. When you said "combine" you mean use them both right? And not combine as in set it up in RAID?

    Just set the new HDD as the boot drive in your BIOS. HDD jumpers are already a thing in the past.
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    All you need to do is select the Boot disk in your BIOS. Enter BIOS and use the "Boot Drive Order" option to set the 500GB disk first in the list. Save settings end exit.
    Once your pc starts go to Disk Management and format the 160GB disk.
    You don't need to manually create a system partition, delete any existing partitions on the 160GB disk and format, windows will create the partition as it needs.
  3. I tried booting with the new HDD. First time it booted up and asked to restart to take effect of the new configuration (I did not do anything in the disk management). So i did and after restart it hangs on the starting windows screen :( It works OK when i only use my new HDD.

    Why does it hang ? What is RAID ?
  4. Did you do a clean OS install on the new disk or did you backup and restore from the old disk?
  5. Kursun said:
    Did you do a clean OS install on the new disk or did you backup and restore from the old disk?

    I did a clean installation without connecting another HDD.
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