Cloned HDD in other motherboard

a flooding destroy my desktop. But some weeks before I had made an Acronis Clone of the HDD, so now I want to install it in other desktop, but the machine didn't start. Gave me blue screen,
What can I do?
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  1. I would install a new operating system on the machine on a new hard drive, boot and make sure that it is working, and then turn the computer off and add in the clone. The most likely reason that you are having trouble is that you need different drivers for your new computer, and rather than try to install them it would be easier to copy your files off of the image.
  2. Well it will not be able to boot a new machine since the motherboard has changed but you can recover your data still either get another hard drive and load a fresh copy of windows or use a Linux live boot disk and access the hard drive that way and either back everything up on a new partition or a flash drive. Other then that there is nothing you can really do.
  3. Yes, the linux disk is a good idea (and I would recommend linux mint if you want to try it out) but unless it is going to be an installed operating system I think that it would be easier to get the computer set up the way you are going to use it and then pull all of the data directly on to the finalized system.
  4. Ok. All understood.
    Lots of thanks for advices.
  5. You're welcome.
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