Lots of Sudden BSODs

My PC started chain blue screening randomly today. It started acting funny about 2 or 3 days ago with explorer crashes. BCcodes include 24, 50, a, 3b and 24.

I am running:
GA-890FXA-UD5 Rev. MB,
Phenom II x6 1090T,
2x HD5770 1Gb crossfired,
2x4Gb Gskill sniper DDR3 1600.

Cpu: 3.8Ghz, Bridge Freq: 240, Multiplier: X12, 1.45v, Max Temp: 45C (evo 212+)
RAM: x6.6-1584, 1.6v, 8-9-8-25-2T
His 5770 1gb (850/1200) oc (875/1200) max temp: 53C
Ati 5770 1gb (500/1200) oc (875/1200) max temp: 70C

Started acting up after latest Ati driver update from 12.8 to 12.10. Not sure if its a coincidence or not, but i cant revert back to 12.8 cause i bsd half way though every time. The computer has been stable with all the overclocking for over a month, everything started after the 12.10 driver, however i just feel like there is too much going on with the diversity of the bsods then a simple driver error.

Im assuming its either i fried the Ram, the hard drive is starting to fail or im having some serious driver issues.

Any suggestions would be awesome!

p.s. My HDD is a 3tb western digital 7200rpm. for some reason though, it will only allow me to partition and use 2tb of it.
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  1. Use an BSOD Viewer to see what did actualy produce that errors then act accordingly.
  2. Hi i removed all my overclocking and have been Bsod free since 12/21/12. Now today i have gotten 2 more bsods. 124 and 3b. I got a dmp viewer and it seems like most of my blue screens originate with ntoskrnl.exe. these latest 2 where hal.dll/ntoskrnl.exe and dxgmms1.sys.

    BCcode: Driver // cause Address // Crash Address

    124: hal.dll // hal.dll+12a3b // ntoskrnl.exe+80640

    3b: dxgmms1.sys // dxgmms1.sys+acb2 // ntoskrnl.exe+80640

    24: Ntfs.sys // Ntfs.sys+acc7f // ntoskrnl.exe+80640

    24: Ntfs.sys // mtfs.sys+acea9 // ntoskrnl.exe+80640

    3b: ntoskrnl.exe // ntoskrnl.exe+80640 // ntoskrnl.exe+80640

    a: ntoskrnl.exe // ntoskrnl.exe+80640 // ntoskrnl.exe+80640

    50: ntoskrnl.exe // ntoskrnl.exe+80640 // ntoskrnl.exe+80640

    Do you think my processor may be dying?
  3. What particular model of Gskill Sniper memory are you using, it is the low voltage line ?
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