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I've got a SSD and a HDD running on my PC and am new to SSD'S. I want to know how to set up where to download files to as they all go to the SSD as it has my OS on it. I don't want everything I install from online and download to go to the SSD.

For example I wanted to have my free anti-virus software on the HDD but it does not ask me where to install it. Do I simply keep dragging the setup programs or folders to the HDD or is there a more easier and more common way of doing this?

Thank you.
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  1. I've dragged my downloads folder to my HDD but it keeps on remaking it and downloading files to the SSD. Any ideas on how to fix this?
  2. Never mind, I've fixed the download problem.
  3. I can't find away of installing programs onto my HDD as they automatically get placed in my OS on my SSD. Some programmes give me the option of where I want to install them but not all of them. I've tried dragging the programmes to the HDD but a lot of the time they will not run. Can anyone help?
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