Will these laptop Gfx cards run the Sims 3 in at least medium settings

I am looking to get a laptop for my wife as she wants to play the sim 3, she is a little fussy so will want med settings i think. I dont reall want to spend much more than 600 pounds, I have seen couple of laptops in this range with either a 1gb Nvidia GT 240M or a 1gb ATI Mobility HD 4850.

Will these cards be up to the task in a laptop?

has to be a laptop as no space for a 2nd desktop, plus the wife wants laptop.

TY in advance
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  1. the 4850 willl cream the 250 in Sims 3

    u can get high settings on the 4850 in Sims 3
  2. The Mobility HD 4850 will be able to handle more than just Sims 3 on High :)
  3. Can I please ask what laptop you found with that graphics card- the radeon 4850- in that price range? That's incredible!
  4. Mobility 4850 FTW!! :) I'm wondering about the price though. Seems awfully cheap.
  5. You got the links? Show it to us and we'll tell you later...
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