Crysis Game won't run in Eyefinity

Hello All,

This forum appears to be the best one for my question being that it is vidio/eyefinity related.

I am not able to get the game Crysis Maximum edition to function in an Eyefinity set up, that is, across 3 monitors. Otherwise, Eyefinity works great; I can drag windows across all 3 monitors at a resolution of 5760 x 1200 which is optimal for these monitors. For a single monitor, they are optimized at 1960 x 1200. When I launch Crysis, it only show up on one monitor and this game is supposed to work in Eyefinity.

I have contacted and they said contact and go to the forums. Crytek has no phone number, but I filled out a form on their web site; thus far, I've heard nothing from them. On, I have received a few suggestion, but nothing works.

I am running one Radeon 5970 video card that has 2 DVI ports and 1 mini DisplayPort. The mini DisplayPort to DVI adapter (or dongle), has an additional USB to provide additional power. From the DVI side of the adapter, I have a cable to is DVI to HDMI. All 3 of my monitors use HDMI, they have no DVI.

I continue to search my favorite forums trying to figure this out.

Here's my set up:


Monitors: 3 Hanns-G, model HH281, running in an Eyefinity set up (3 monitors)
MB: Asus P6X58D Premium LGA 1366 Intel X58
Proc: Intel Core i7-960 Bloomfield 3.2 GHz LGA 1366
Video: 1 Asus EAH 5970 (GPU: Radeon 5790)
Power Supply: BFG Tech EX-1200 Watts
Hard drives: 2 OCZ Vertex Series 30 GB internal solid state drives
Active Accell Mini DisplayPort to DVI Dual-Link Adapter, (this is powered by a USB) part number B087B-003J


Windows 7 64-bit (I don't know of any service packs at this time)
Video card has full Catalyst Software Suite version 10.2 (version 10.2 released, Feb 17, 2010)
Direct X End-User Runtimes (released Feb. 2010)

Please help me figure this out, thank you.

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  1. Do other games work?

    Have you tried changing the resolution in crysis's options menu? If your resolution isnt supported you might have to change the aspect ratio until you find 5760x1200.
  2. Yes, in the Crysis system setting options, I tried the setting of 5760 x 1200 and this crashed the video and I had to force a cold boot. Then I slowly increase the Crysis video settings from its default of 1080 x 720, incrementally up to 1920 x 1200. The video in the Crysis became shaky or jerky, so I lowered back to the game default.

    Is this the same as aspect ratio? I am not clear of this term.
  3. Do you have other games to test it with? Crashing can be a sign of a few things, so if it only crashes with Crysis it might be a driver/installation or overheating issue maybe.
  4. I have MS Flight Simulator X. I don't know if this is an Eyefinity game, but I can try in.
  5. Crysis is old news! Let it die already...
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