Hey i have an sony vaio
pentium 4
xp home

One day i got home and my computer was on, i was on the compute for like 30 seconds (it was working fine); suddenly the monitor goes blank as if it wasn't plugged in and so does my keyboard (usb), my mouse light was on because it wasn't a USB plugin. i restarted my computer and the monitor and keyboard weren't working and my computer wouldn't start up normally. i read somewhere that if this happens, you should take out the RAM and turn the computer on until it beeps. i did that and now the computer works fine except the USB ports still don't work!! it suddenly happened out of nowhere! i've tried everything i could ever think of and read and i'm out of ideas. please help me!

1. uninstalling the universal serial bus controllers and restarting. (all devices are working "properly")
2. turning computer off completely for hours. (power cord taken off)
3. turning the computer off and holding power button. (power cord taken off)
4. checking the BIOS to see if USBs were enabled.

i heard you were able to reset the bios but that it took a lot of work... going to windows 98 and putting a lot of cmds.... please if anyone has a solution to this, please help!
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  1. Your USB controller on your motherboard may have failed. If you have PCMCIA slot you may be able to fit a USB card.
  2. oh.... any other suggestions
  3. hi
    one thing that might work is that u reinstall your windows. Hope i helped
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