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Hi I have a 3770K I got it up to 4.5GHz at 1.320v Cant get it up to 4.6-7 (Plus using prime95 it wasnt stable this was at 4.6GHz)I would like to but the temps are just too high, Im using a Corsair H100 With the stock fans on top of the stock fan I have put 6 Corsair SP120 Quiet Edition fans on top of them.

http://img708.imageshack.us/img708/9243/20121221224122.jpg ------ This is picture of the fans if you didnt understood me properly

While playing games the highest Temp is 60 I play like BF3 FIFA 13 WORLD OF TANKS PLANETSIDE 2 ect all kinds my FPS is amazing I dont have any problems playing games they run really nicely But im thinking is 60 is abit too high. I did run prime95 for 4.5GHz I put it on the torture test for about 12Hours no errors temps were 85 Max sometimes went to 90 but mostly 85 86 87.

Idle temps are up and down really at the moment its 38 but sometimes goes up to 45 then goes back down to 32 33 but its usually under 40 do my temps look okay, Like I said I had no errors using prime95 some Im guessing these temps are normal

PS This is my first INTEL CPU I was using a AMD Phenom X6 1090T Intel ROCKKK :) sorry to say Please can someone help Thanks again
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  1. So based on your experience, Ivy Bridge CPU's are pretty hot when they are OC'D as they have been saying in the reviews. I really don't believe in liquid cooling, I suggest you to used air cooling instead, I used Cooler Master Hyper 212 on my i5 2500K OC'D at 4.7 GHZ with vCore of 1.43V ave. idle temps at 35 deg Celsius and at load an ave. of 55 deg celsius. Its been a year since I've built my PC and doesn't give any problem.
  2. I had my 3570K at 4.4 for a while with voltage at 1.375. I changed the frequency to 4.5. Wouldn't post so i went back and 4.4 wouldn't pos. lowered voltage AND frequency and still wouldn't post. SO Now I run at stock. You have a better board than I do. So OC'ing might be easier achieved. Also the revision of your chip and the amount of TDP your chip has makes a difference in the overclocking so.. that Info might be helpful
  3. Closed loop coolers aren't the best option out there in any respect, however the H100 does provide a bit of decent cooling when compared to most air coolers.

    60C is absolutely fine for that processor as the IB is truly a hot running chip.

    Stacking fans? I never noticed any improvement of performance on air or radiators where more than 1 fan per side make a difference. It's best to have two fans on the front of the radiator and two on the rear.

    Those temperatures are fine and I wouldn't worry too much about that.
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