I7 Mobo's which of these 3 is the better all-arounder?

I have an Asus p6x58d-e which i believe is making noises. I turned of c1e but my sensitive ears still hear this obnoxious high-pitched whine/hum. Assuming it is not my PSU and the mobo I am now in the market for a new board.

I do like the Asus Rampage but after this noise issue i think i want to steer clear Asus boards.


I do love evga but gigabyte sorta has my attention. I'm on the fence and need some swaying to get me to either side of the fence.

*The rampage has a 20 dollar off rebate
*evga has a 20 or 30 dollar rebate card

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  1. 9 out 10 times the "noise" you are describing is from a cheap and/or underpowered PSU. The P6X58D-E is an excellent MOBO. I too have sensitive ears {I hear sonic alarms}, and the I have 9 P6X58D-E running off Corsair PSUs 750TX - no noise.

    What PSU do you have?
  2. Ahh, i had no script on and it removed my original post where i included my specs.

    I have a corsair 620hx. It never made any noises 3 days ago (the same day i put together my i7 rig). I have tried to diagnose the noise and when i put my ear to the power supply it sounded like it was coming from there but it also sounded like it was coming from the video card (which it isnt). Removing C1e lessened the noise but would the psu be affected by something as simple as turning off c1e? To clarify would removing a setting in the BIOS lower the noise the PSU is making? Again, assuming it is the PSU.

    Full specs

    i7-950 bloomfield 3.06ghz
    6gb mushkin redline
    260gtx OC'd
    4 WD hdds
    P6X58D-E mobo
    Corsair HX620
  3. Load Defaults for now.

    Please post:
    GPU(s) {#/model}
    HDD(s) {#/type - SSD/HDD}
    Age of PSU
    ALL attached peripherals

    Also, for now, remove the power plug from ANY UPS/Power Strip and use a different outlet.
  4. GPU - MSI N260GTX 896mb 448-bit GDDR3

    PSU is coming up on 3 years in November. Computer stays on most of the time. If i had to put a number on it id say at least 200 days a year for those 3 years. So, 14,000 hours.

    Attached Periphs - Microsoft Elite Keyboard via ps2
    MX518 Mouse
    Micro USB Dac/Heedcanamp

    No OC aside from GPU.

    I will try the outlet thing in a few. Working on something at the moment.
  5. The size of the PSU is adequate 550W-650W. The GTX 260 are also known for whine.

    It it can also be a combination of the PSU & GPU, also if you have an UPS that uses a Sine wave that too can cause the problem. So, my suggestions are to eliminate possible "Dirty" power to the PSU.

    Next, the "what-if" you really need to narrow down the source. Use a paper towel tube and aim it at different areas {GPU, PSU, MOBO}.

    You can try a wrap the power to the GPU with a magnet {torroidal} or try a different lead.

    However, most of the time the solution is going to come from one of 3 sources:
    1. Replace GPU
    2. Replace PSU
    3. Clean power {via UPS with noise reduction}

    I realize this is an EXTREME annoyance.
  6. I am positive it is not the GPU as ive ran the computer on without it and the noise was there. I had my brother who works in IT come over to see what he thinks it could be and wouldnt you know when he got here it didnt make the noise? Then he leaves and it does. Figures.

    I did notice (and thank you for the suggestions by the way) that when activity occurred on my C: drive the noise temporarily stopped. I then noticed when i plugged a usb into the front port the noise went away... so now its other things to look into perhaps.
  7. As I said & been there - "I realize this is an EXTREME annoyance."

    Radio Shack may have magnet to use as a resonance damper for the USB.
  8. Indeed it is. I will try some of the things you said. I'm sure this is emi related. Noise doesnt happen until after windows loads.

    Thanks for your help.
  9. Excellent feedback jacquith... I don't have an issue but I learned something just now reading this thread, which is always a good thing :)
  10. Alright, well I think i figured out the issue. c1e does work. The problem is the room I'm in has a similar EMI buzz noise that is very similar to what the PSU was emitting. Turning C1E on the psu would output what the hard drive was doing via a high-pitched noise and continue to hum as the hdd was spinning.

    I hope that is case-closed. Thanks again for the suggestions and trying to help diagnose jaquith.

    edit* Haf932 - side mount fan causing EMI type noise after disabling C1E. Solved.
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