Which is PC is better?

My cousin is offering me a brand new Gateway FX7026 desktop computer package with a 22" 1600 x 900 monitor for $700 CAD. Although I have recently bought a Gateway NV5909H laptop. Which would have better gaming performance anyways?

Gateway FX7026 Desktop Specs:
-Intel Core 2 Quad Q9300 @ 2.5GHz
-640GB HDD (320GB x2)
-NVIDIA GeForce 8800GT 512MB
-Windows Vista Home Premium x64

Gateway NV5909H Laptop Specs:
-Intel Core i3-330M @2.13GHz
-640GB HDD
-ATI Radeon Mobility HD5650 1GB
-Windows 7 Home Premium x64

Is it really worth spending the $700 on a new gaming machine even if i have the laptop?
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  1. The Gateway NV5909H
  2. Laptop is better. PC is very expensive for what it is. You could build a better one yourself for $700.

    Personally thoughI prefer the experence of gaming on the pc. Laptops just dont cut it.
  3. Hello,

    If you have the $700 to Spend go for it...
    Otherwise the Laptop should be good enough unless you Must have Bells & Whistles :D
  4. If you want a gaming computer get a PC over a laptop.

    You'll have heat issues and very limited CPU power with a laptop. Not to mention OC headroom / upgradeability.

    If you look around on newegg you can find much nicer pre-builts for $700.
  5. We can help u finding parts to build a computer for 700$ I would guess it will be alot better than ur laptop;)
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