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I understand how stupid of a question that this might be but is it possible to overclock the turbo boost on the Proccessor. For example, I am running a FX 6100 (yes i know the Phenom II 1100 is bettter but i was being cheap) but it runs at 3.3GHz and Turbo boosts up to 3.9. Could i make it so that it runs normally at 3.3 but when i need it goes in to turbo to 4.3 for example?
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    I'm pretty AMD CPUs automaticly downclock when it's not needed, even when OCd. Intel CPUs do this even when OCd. your stock clock is 3.3GHz but most of the time it's probably running at about 1.5GHz or something really low. i have my 3770k at 4.7GHz right now and it usually runs at about 2GHz when idle. i might be wrong about the AMD CPUs though.
  2. Ok awesome thanks!
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AMD Overclocking Turbo Boost