2.93 showing 2.4

mobo: http://tinyurl.com/2wv8w7x
cpu: http://tinyurl.com/yazletu
ram: 4gb 800mhz pc2-6400

My step dad is a computer/electronics technician but he's away right now.

i recently decided to build up a side comp and the mobo/cpu specs are listed above. Mobo says fsb is OC'able to 1600....

my question is in regards to this:

why is it stating 2.4ghz when it's rated stock freq at 2.93ghz?

keep in mind all bios settings for any OC'ing are OEM right now.

the only way i get it is 1066/4=ans*9 is approx 2400mhz.

i was thinking if i was using 533mhz ram / 2=ans*9 is approx 2400mhz.

i don't fully understand the calculations of getting 1:1.
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  1. I think it's just speed step, open up CPUZ and a cpu intensive program and see if cpuz reports the correct speed.

    More on speedstep can be found here: http://www.tomshardware.com/forum/277716-28-showing-correct-speeds
  2. That cpu is running with a multiplier of 11:1 to get 2.93GHz, with a bus speed of 267MHz. At 2.4GHz it would have a multiplier of 9. The mobo's I've worked with use a lower multiplier for speedstep. Now if you are running your bus at 216MHz or something like that then the maximum cpu speed would be 2.4GHz, but it would likely be a slightly odd number and not 2400 even.

    If you run cpuz it will tell you the bus speed, cpu speed and the multiplier. If speedstep is working, then while you are staring at the cpuz screen it will probably show a multiplier lower than 11. Now crank up a program that puts a load on the cpu and watch the cpuz screen while you are doing this and it should show the multiplier and cpu running at full speed.
  3. i watched it and my bus is 266.5 (1066/4) and when idle, multiplier is 9 @ approx 2400 and goes down to 6 @ 1.6ghz. i just did 1066/4=ans*11 and that is 2.931 so i in theory i understand it now.

    i have to load up win 7 64 and then i will try it out with autocad or cs5 and see if multiplier goes to 11.

    im not gonna lie im being pretty lazy on this next question instead of searching, but can one of you direct me to the the right thread (im sure it's created) on how to up my fsb on my cpu (if possible).. i do not want anything crazy or to over clock anything too much, but i would like to speed up the buss if safely possible.

    only cooling i have is fans.
  4. even on the post it states 2.4ghz....

    here are a couple of bios settings that i think might involve what im asking about. I'm not 100% sure if they are or not. i would like a bit of certainty before i attempt it.

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