I am sick of my 4850 locking up

What card is a good alternative from Nvidia if I am on a budget...200 bucks is about my limit. CDN.

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  1. I guess i should mention my specs in case it affects the card I should get

    windows 7 home premium

    Intel core 2 quad q8300 @ 2.5 ghz
    8 gigs of ram

    I'd prefer a dx 11 card if possible. I've RMA'd my 4840 twice now...received a new card both times, all cards have the same problem, some games they just outright hard crash with, I am sure it's a hardware flaw or a comparability flaw with the crappy card...Some of the games that lock up are stalker call of pripyat, drakansang, borderlands...and yet graphic intensive games like bioshock 2 run flawless....pisses me off. I should also mention it's definitely not overheating...regardless I am just interested in getting rid of this card and getting a new stable one. thoughts?
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