Mic Static from front & rear ports

Hey all, I am new to the community and I am sorry if this is in the wrong forum.

The front and rear panels of my computer are both causing mic static. I have tried multiple headsets in both panels and the static is still there, I have even tested both headsets on my other rig and they are crystal clear with no static. The static is not on any game or program at all but more so just in general.

One of my headsets has an adapter to change it to a USB headset, and when I plug in the USB headset the static goes away. I have tried redoing the wiring inside my computer and making sure that there are no exposed wires. I have even changed my BIOS for HD Audio ( Which is what my MOBO takes ) and the problem still persists.

My computer specs are in my sig and my case is an Antec 900. Thank you too whomever can assist me with my issue.
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  1. hmmm there was a post about front panel static celectricy (not static noise) that seemed to be caused by somethig to do with the front panel ports. afaik i remember it being an antec case. try googling antec 900 front panel static or something. hope this helped!
  2. Interesting. I also have an Antec 900 (see my user configuration) and have the same problem with there being static noise.
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