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I just installed a new 9800 gt on a new 2.9 dual core (5600), 3 MbRam, etc.

Warcraft runs fine except when i am in a raid where the spells start flying. I normally am at 45fps in the raid, and once the casting of spells starts (graphics), i drop to as low as 12fps but consistently below 16. Out in the open areas, ill hit 75-100fps. i have 600w antec power supply, but the 9800 doesnt hook directly into like ive seen some other video cards.

what can be the problem?
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  1. if you're only running 3MB of ram that would be your first problem, internet connection might also be a factor. Also could you clarify what you mean it doesn't hook into the power supply in the same way other gfx cards do?
  2. He has en ECO version, most likely.
  3. Are you referring to WoW? Because raids will do that to you and also large populated cities. Try turning down your graphics settings during a raid to see if your FPS goes up some.
  4. OCing the processor would also probably help a lot. That processor should easily reach 3.5 ghz just on the stock cooler.
    Assuming you meant 3gb of ram that isn't the problem. What resolution are you using?
  5. all my graphics are down all the way on wow. nvidia control panel settings all set on performance, its only when the spells start casting i drop to 12-13, just last night.

    I did notice that when i ran cpu-z, it was showing my ram at 200 mhz or whatever that is. dont know, but that seemed really low. could it be a crap motherboard???
  6. 200 mhz? ram speed that means its 400/2= 200 mhz
    so u mentionned above 3 mb ram dont u mean 3 gb ram
    second its not the board i
    are u playing all games perfectly and u only lag on WoW or u lag on all games?
  7. I'm leaning to internet connection.
  8. its not the internet connection. why would i get 60-70 fps in other areas. i think its wow, and their servers.
  9. answer: i was running single channel. as soon as i ditched the off ram it works much better.

    thanks for trying.
  10. Man that is wierd, that even that was an issue, back when I played WoW, I was using a 2.4 ghz p4, 2 gb ddr, and a gf 6800GT, and never really experienced any sort of significant fps drop that extreme.
  11. prlly werent as many people raiding.
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