CPU Running hot, please advise

Hello, I recently built a i7-930 based system. Everything seems to be working fine, except I feel like the CPU is overheating a good deal. I still have the Intel Stock fan, and the solution provided in use at the moment, but I'm still worried about my temperatures.

Gigabyte XA-UD3R Motherboard
Corsair 650W PSU
i7 930
GTX 260 216

My computer idles at 45c - 47c, after I messed around with a few settings in the BIOS. (C1E, system performance boosts, etc). If I try to play a game, the CPU temp skyrockets to 90c - 100c.

How do I reduce this temperature? Is this normal for Intel Stock fans? Will an aftermarket cooler really drop the temperature by 30c+?

Thank you very much in advance for your support.
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  1. What kind of case do you have?

    If those are BIOS temps, download something like realtemp or speedfan to verify them.

    If you haven't already, blow out the vents and fans with a can of compressed air.

    What is your room temp?

    Yes, a good aftermarket CPU fan can bring your idle temps down ~mid 30's.
  2. I'm pretty sure you put the heatsink thermal paste on a bit too thick. Stock shouldn't be that bad for this type of CPU.

    After market would be keep it fairly cool, not sure that it'll cool it by as much as 30c, but I'm pretty sure it's the heatsink paste thickness. Too generous are we? =b
  3. Stock fans come with thermal paste already applied. No extra thermal paste would be needed.
  4. Thank you for the reply.

    I am using an Antec 900 Mid Size Gaming case, with 4 fans (3 120 mm and 1 200 mm at the top). I tried blowing out the vents, but the temps remain the same.

    I was measuring the temps with RealTemp. Room temperature seems to be around 37c (not sure where to check this).

    Also to add, I never applied any additional thermal paste. I just used what was on the stock fan.

    The temps do seem a bit dangerous though. Could there be a problem with the CPU / motherboard?
  5. Were the BIOS temps validated with realtemp?

    Your room temperature would be measured with any household thermometer.

    Does the HSF feel loose at all?
  6. The BIOS temps were much higher, around 60c. Realtemp measures around 47c (at idle). I don't quite understand the difference in readings.

    HSF doesn't seem loose. Should I try reseating the HSF?
  7. If it doesn't feel loose, I would leave the HSF. The stock fans can be a pain to get back on if you warp the plastic clips. It's up to you though, you can try it.

    If you have some aftermarket thermalpaste, you can wipe off the stock paste, and replace it.

    If your case is clean, and you're seeing temps that high, I would really recommend a better CPU cooler.
  8. Thank you for your insight, aford10.

    I'm going to look into a better CPU cooler. Do you have any recommendations?
  9. I haven't upgraded to the 1366 socket yet, but this is a real nice CPU cooler, at a good price.
  10. DO the i7's come with a plastic covering the thermal pad on the HS ?? and if so did you remove it before putting the HS on the CPU ?? ( I know the AMD CPUs do have and have seen people forget to remoove it !)
  11. I believe they do come with the cover.
  12. Thats odd actually. I don't remember there being plastic covering around the thermal pad on the heatsink.

    An update. I reseated the fan, and set it to run at 100% in the BIOS. I also lowered the VCore to 1.0v. I'm idling at 37c now. Not sure about how it will perform under load. I'll look into that later.
  13. I should've read JDFan's comment better. The i7 CPUs come with the cover, yes. The HSF's don't as far as I know.

    37C is a decent idle temp.
  14. Get thermal paste here:


    And the Hyper 212+ is a great cooler.
  15. aford10 said:
    I should've read JDFan's comment better. The i7 CPUs come with the cover, yes. The HSF's don't as far as I know.

    37C is a decent idle temp.

    That might be the case with the AMD CPU also -- I just remember there being a thin plastic cover attached to one or the other that I almost missed :D - not sure if it was the HS in addition to the heavy plastic cover or on the CPU !
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