Nvidia nForce4 SLI X16 MCP

I need to know what is the best cpu I can use with this Motherboard.. Thanks a lot.. Bye,,,(I am using now an Intel dual core 940 with 3.2 Ghz..)
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  1. Hello.. thanks for your answer.. it looks like if this mobo accept only pentium dual core.. in dell forums everybody says that core 2 duo does not work in this mobo.. ARE YOU SURE I can buy this core 2 duo e6xxx or e4xxx for this socket LGA775?.. Bye
  2. But this is for a Dell motherboard so no it will not work the Pentium D is all that it will support.

    The OP PMd me and said its for a Dell XPS

    Some manufactures might have been able to get a bios to work withe Core 2 conroes but Dell never updated past Pentium Ds it wont even work with the Pentium D 965 extreme edition because the board can only handle an 800mhz FSB.
  3. Yup thats it and in fact the OP said he has a Pentium D 940 in it when those came out it only had support for the old Pentium D 800 smithfields but they must of made a bios update for the presslers at some point.
  4. Ok.. thanks too much.. my best regards to you.. I will keep my cpu (Pentium Dual core 940), and I will try the Evga 9800GT 512 Mb DDR3 that seems my best video option.. thanks a lot.. Bye
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