What did I break?

I had to take out my 450w Corsair psu to get it serviced. I put in my old generic 450w psu and everything was fine for a day or so.. Then I started playing Crysis..that lasted about 3minutes and then my pc shut off without warning. Is my psu ruined? It did not burn or smoke or anything. What is the likelyhood that my psu burned something else out or that it is not my psu at all?
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  1. We need your specs to do anything.

    If the computer turns on now, I would guess that the PSU just doesn't have enough power to run everything at load, thus causing the shutdown. It's unlikely that it ruined anything else.

    If the computer doesn't turn on now, there could be a number of problems, the least of which is the the PSU dying. Low quality PSUs have a tendency to take other parts with them when they go.
  2. System specs:

    Mobo: Biostar TA780g M2+
    cpu: Phenom 8650 2.3mhz triple core (overclocked to 2.7)
    ram: 2gb ddr2
    gpu: radeon sapphire vapor-x 5770 1gb
    storage: 2 7200 rpm hdd
    display: 22.5" lcd

    the psu I was using was a 450w generic

    And no the pc wont turn on at all now.
  3. Try going through the "READ before posting about boot problems" sticky (link in my signature). That covers most of the common problems. Make sure to do every step though.

    If you can't get anything started, there isn't really a way to troublehoot. At this point, I'd say the PSU is the most likely culprit, but it may not be the only problem.
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