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Hello everyone so recently I finally noticed that I don't have ahci mode on my 60 gig SSD and wanted to do a fresh install of windows to change it. When I change in my bios to boot from Cd and restart I get the BootMgr is missing error and I cant figure out why. Any suggestions?
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  1. Did you change from ATA to AHCI while you had a current partition of Windows installed and now you are loading into Windows (or trying) and getting this error?
    Changing from ATA to AHCI may and can corrupt your windows partition. I'm not sure what you're saying here. you boot from CD after changing to AHCI and you now get BootMgr error?
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    I take it you pressed a key when it said "boot from cd... press any key". Anyhow, if this is Vista or 7, you may be able to correct this without reinstalling.
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