Is this good enough for HTPC duty?

I upgraded a family members computer, and have inhereted some old, but lightly used parts. I have a few friends that have asked me to look out for cheap parts for their own HTPCs, so I am interested in some opinions about these parts.

It is an AMD socket 754 mATX motherboard with a PCI-E 1.0 slot, from a prebuilt E-machines that has been turned on once a month since it was bought. The bios has no overclocking settings. I won't use software to OC some-one elses computer, so the processor is static at stock speeds.

With a Sempron +3400 CPU (2.0ghz single core 62w).

And a gig of DDR400 (2 x 512 sticks generic).

I am just wondering if this is a platform powerful enough to invest in a 5450 + BD drive for HTPC duty? I haven't attempted a single core build of this nature, so am wary to use it as a basis for such a box. I have a couple 1gb DDR400 (also generic) sticks that I can use if I need to increase the memory.
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  1. It should be enough to run HD content with that video card since nowadays all the work is donr by the video card to process the HD content so you should be fine but definitely put another gig of Ram 1 gig is not enough to run smoothly
  2. I figured with a 5450 I should be ok, but wasn't sure what the bottom end is for CPU power needed to run a box like this.
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